RiddellTseng, a boutique investment bank and advisory firm, advises leading international companies, especially in financial services and real estate, on business, investment and joint ventures in China, and on winning financing from Chinese investors and lenders.

RiddellTseng is also publisher of China Debate.

RiddellTseng was founded in 1988 by Malcolm Riddell. Seeing opportunities growing rapidly in Taiwan and China, he departed Wall Street to establish the firm in Taiwan, then one of the ‘Four Asian Tigers.’ As the Chinese financial services sector began to open in the early 1990s, he led the firm into China.

With a strong first-mover advantage, RiddellTseng quickly became a leading regional investment bank, with over 20 Chinese and western professionals, one of the largest at the time, and developed a client roster of MetLife, AIG, Cigna, AXA, Zurich, SunLife Financial, Manulife, Eagle Star, Threadneedle, MFS, Citibank, John Portman and Associates, Baring Institutional Real Estate Advisors, Austrade, and the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Today, RiddellTseng advises clients on China business and inbound/outbound investments, and on deals, it works with clients from planning their China transactions to closing them, and represents them in negotiations with Chinese business people and officials.

To these ends, the firm utilizes its network of contacts and alliances to create issue or transaction-specific teams of experts.

Please contact Malcolm Riddell, president, at: malcolm.riddell@riddell-tseng.com