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Among the many extraordinary resources on the Web is Artsy. Artsy describes itself this way..’Artsy’s mission is to make all the world’s art accessible to anyone with an Internet connection.’ And since it’s beginning two years ago Arty has made impressive strides toward accomplishing this. (Note that here ‘accessible’ includes selling works of art, which I presume is how Artsy makes money and takes nothing away from it usefulness.)

Readers here know that one of my favorite artists is Ai Weiwei. More importantly though he is one of my heroes for his bravery, in the face of persecution, in criticising and resisting those segments of the Chinese government that repress the Chinese people. Artsy came across these posts, and a couple of days ago I received this from Anthony Williams…

Hi Malcolm,
I was looking through your post that mentions Ai Weiwei but, unfortunately, couldn’t find any additional resources. I suggest linking to Artsy’s Ai Weiwei page as a solution for a missing resource.  We’ve been building out Artsy for the past 2 years, and now, we have editorial content, biographical material, exclusive images, and up-to-date exhibitions that is openly available to you and your audience.  Since you write about art, I thought you might be interested!


 As he suggested, I went to the Ai Weiwei page. Here I found a brief bio, some excellent posts, and nearly 100 photos  linked to related works and exhibitions. As a fan, I of course wanted more and noted omissions. Objectively though this is a terrific, one-stop, spot to survey the breadth of Ai Weiwei’s art and career. Highly recommend not only for those who are interested in contemporary art but especially for those who admire courage–Ai Weiwei is breaking more than Han vases.