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‘Illicit Financial Flows From China And The Role Of Trade Misinvoicing’: Global Financial Integrity

When I lived in Taiwan in 1980s and 1990s, I first learned about ‘misinvoicing’ firsthand from Taiwanese exporters who were friends of mine. They had all parked considerable assets overseas, avoiding Taiwanese taxes and currency controls. Although often complex in practice, misinvoicing essentially works like this. An exporter sells a widget for $100 to a … Continue Reading

‘Putting Candidates’ Assertions of ”Getting Tough with China” in Context’: Ken Lieberthal Versus Gordon Chang

If you thought it’s just Obama-Romney and Biden-Ryan who disagree about everything this election season, have a look at the debate between Ken Lieberthal of Brookings and Gordon Chang of The Coming Collapse of China fame. They faced off on  PBS NewsHour, in a segment called ‘Putting Candidates’ Assertions of ”Getting Tough with China” in … Continue Reading

China Q3 GDP: What The Experts Say

Well, at 7.4%, China’s Q3 GDP could have been worse–and it could have better, as I had predicted. (Wang Tao of UBS contends that the Bureau of Statistics added wrong this quarter–actual Q3 growth: 7.6%). Still one quarter to go. The Wall Street Journal was quick in assembling the views of several China experts in … Continue Reading

‘China’s state capitalism: Not just tilting at windmills’: The Economist

Alert reader and great friend Todd Kocourek provides me with a steady stream of China news and analyses, with my thanks. Today, he pointed me to The Economist‘s  ‘China’s state capitalism: Not just tilting at windmills,’ with the subtext ‘China’s state-owned enterprises are increasingly getting it into trouble—abroad and at home.’ Here’s the main point: Behind this … Continue Reading

‘Charting China’s Leading Indicators’: Interactive Chart From The FT

The Financial Times has come up with another interactive chart that illustrates movements in three leading indicators of the Chinese economy versus GDP: Three of the most respected leading indicators – one published by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, a second by China’s national statistics bureau (NBS) and a third being the official … Continue Reading