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‘China Real Estate Unravels’: Patrick Chovanec

‘At least one major sector of the Chinese economy (10-13% of GDP), which had been a leading growth driver, is undoubtedly in contraction.  More importantly, the dynamics behind these numbers suggest that the market has not bottomed out, but is still in the process of unraveling.  That is why I told CNN, in late April:“No one has hit … Continue Reading

‘China’s Cities Take Steps To Stimulate Home Purchases’: Jack Perkowski

‘Contrary to what many might think, pronouncements and policies promulgated by Beijing are not always followed to the letter in China’s far flung cities and provinces. ‘The most recent example of this phenomenon is in China’s property market where, contrary to central government policy, local governments have begun loosening restrictions and providing various incentives to stimulate home … Continue Reading

‘China’s Tight-Rope Walk: Balancing the Contradictions in Chinese Growth’: Max Fisher

‘It’s a tight-rope walk that economists call the “transition trap.” It’s a transition from an economy based on exports (which relies on Chinese goods, and thus the Chinese currency, staying cheap), to an economy based on domestic consumption and investment. It’s a transition from state capitalism, which can marshal amazing industrial output at the flick … Continue Reading

‘Japan: To TPP or not to TPP’ | East Asia Forum

By Christopher Findlay Japanese politicians are still debating whether Japan should join the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). TPP members are not allowed exclusions. Agriculture is the issue, specifically the domestic political constraints imposed by protection of that sector in Japan. At the same time, the business sector is pushing hard to join.… Continue Reading

‘Strengthening Economic Ties with Asia’ | cfr

Interviewee: Simon Tay / Interviewer: Christopher Alessi The agreement has become a “battleground for influence” in the Pacific between China and the United States, he adds. While the United States has been left out of many intra-Asian trade pacts led by China, Tay says, TPP has been a “game changer” for the U.S. presence in … Continue Reading

Obama’s Pacific Trip: What Will Be the President’s Message? | Brookings

By Jonathan Pollack Enhanced trade partnerships could provide some of the key building blocks in this process. President Obama will emphasize export-led growth as a primary means to revive America’s economic performance. The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) will be a central part of this message. But the TPP in its extant form represents an overly constricted approach … Continue Reading

‘APEC:Views from Beijing’| Carnegie Endowment

CAI Penghong, LI Wentao, and WANG Yuzhu, visiting experts from China, joined Carnegie’s Douglas Paal [Regional Preferences] – China: China prefers the ASEAN+3 grouping as a way to promote quick   regional integration, Wang said. – Japan: Wang also argued that Japan, as the traditional leader of Asia,   does not like ASEAN+3 because it feels that … Continue Reading

Rising Tensions in the South China Sea

An Interview with Ian Story, By Tim Cook : Project Director | NBR Maritime disputes in the South China Sea are once again front page news. Vietnam and China are at odds over a recent incident between a Vietnamese survey ship and Chinese patrol boats in waters off the southern coast of Vietnam, and the … Continue Reading