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China’s ‘One Child Policy’ Didn’t Create The Aging Demographic Time Bomb–What?

It’s well known that China’s aging population is probably a demographic time bomb. And, the ‘one-child policy’ is always pegged as the culprit. But, is it? Not according to the BBC’s ‘Ageing China: Changes and challenges.’ According to Cai Yong, a population expert at the University of North Carolina, who was asked by the BBC … Continue Reading

‘Foreign Investors Must Shift Strategies In Commercial Property Investments In China’: China Money Podcast

We focus on the residential market in China. But, what about the commercial market? Addressing both issues is Chris Brooke, President & CEO at CBRE China, on Nina Xiang’s every excellent China Money Podcast. On commercial real estate: Q: CBRE entered the Chinese market very early in 1988. Have you seen the commercial real estate part … Continue Reading

Debate: 5 Views Of The China Real Estate Market

Will residential real estate collapse and finally cause China a hard landing? Here are five views of the market. 1. ‘Short-term Concerns Won’t Impact China’: Zhang Xin  2. ‘China Real Estate Unravels’: Patrick Chovanec 3. ‘China’s Cities Take Steps To Stimulate Home Purchases’: Jack Perkowski 4. ‘China MarketPulse–1Q 2012’: Jones Lang LaSalle 5. ‘China’s Easing Aimed At Housing Market’: Chris Oliver… Continue Reading

Debate: Four Experts And A Poll On What China’s Weak April Numbers Mean

Experts differ on what China’s weak April economic numbers. Here are four plus a Reuters poll. 1.  ‘China Needs More Fiscal Stimulus: Dariusz Kowalczyk on Bloomberg video 2. China lacks the firepower to avoid slowdown: JPMorgan, Adrian Mowat on Reuters video 3.  China’s Tight-Rope Walk: Balancing the Contradictions in Chinese Growth:  Max Fisher 4.   ‘Analysis: China Growth … Continue Reading

‘MOFCOM’s “Fusion” Approach to Chinese Merger Control’ By Becky Koblitz

In March, CHINA Debate published ‘Many Major Deals Need China’s Approval–And Uncertainty Widens Spreads, As Well As Opportunities For Arbitragers.’ This post described the workings of the Ministry of Commerce’s Anti-Monopoly Bureau, as best can be discerned. Now, for another view, ‘MOFCOM’s “Fusion” Approach to Chinese Merger Control‘ by Becky Koblitz. Her contention is that the … Continue Reading