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‘I Liked the “Chinese Professor” Ad, But This Is Stupid and Offensive’ by James Fallows

China bashing for political gain has begun. James Fallows and I both like the ‘Chinese professor’ ad published by ‘Citizens Against Government Waste.’ But with regard to a similar ad being run by Mark Amodei, Republican candidate for congress in Nevada’s special election, we have a split opinion. Fallows thinks its stupid and offensive. I think … Continue Reading

Why ‘China Debate’?

‘China Debate’ arose from frustration. I have been involved with China issues for more than 30 years. With the Internet following those issues has gotten easier, but still far from convenient. When I want to understand an issue about China, I have to visit 30 or 40 Internet sites—journals, think tanks, consulting firms, investment banks, … Continue Reading

‘China Goes to Wall Street’ by J.C. deSwaan

After some major rebuffs in U.S. acquisitions, China is beginning to ramp up its investment in U.S. equities. A good summary, albeit a year old, is ‘China Goes to Wall Street: Beijing’s Evolving U.S. Investment Strategy,’ by JC deSwaan, lecturer at Princeton, in Foreign Affairs. Especially interesting is Mr. deSwaan’s comment: During the global financial … Continue Reading