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Asia Society Event May 21: ‘U.S.-China Economic Relations in the Next Decade’

If you are in NY on May 21, you might want to attend ‘U.S.-China Economic Relations in the Next Decade,’ 9:30am-11:30am. An outstanding cast of speakers (below). Here’s part of the blurb:  This discussion will draw upon the findings and recommendations offered in U.S.-China 2022: Economic Relations in the Next 10 Years, a groundbreaking study on the … Continue Reading

”Paradise Lost: In North Korea, Chinese Maoists Find The Land Of Their Dreams’: The Economist

You have to love the diehards. As in ‘Paradise Lost: In North Korea, Chinese Maoists Find The Land Of Their Dreams.’  A grand and illuminating story from The Economist. ‘For most members of the group of 15 tourists (except one who was there to report for The Economist) the visit to North Korea was a welcome relief after a … Continue Reading

‘Leadership In China’: Charlie Rose

Charlie Rose’s ‘Leadership in China’ segment on November 16 aired right after the new China leadership was announced. And, it has three of my favorite China commentators, Ian Bremmer, president and founder of The Eurasia Group; Richard McGregor of the Financial Times and author of one my favorite books, The Party; and Jim Fallows of the Atlantic and … Continue Reading

‘A Hypothetical Election Between Nationalists And Communists Hits The Chinese Web’: The Atlantic

“You are pretending you are in New York, and we are pretending we are voting. Sigh! What a dream.” @I鸭梨山大 I have used the sub-title ‘A Hypothetical Election Between Nationalists And Communists Hits The Chinese Web’ because the title, ‘Electoral Map: What If China Became a Multiparty Democracy Tomorrow?’ is a little misleading. Why? The electoral map is … Continue Reading

‘China’s Top Future Leaders to Watch’: Cheng Li

In the spirit of you can’t the players without a scorecard, an alert reader, who going forward wishes to remain anonymous, sent me just the scorecard to enhance your enjoyment of China’s leadership transition, ‘China’s Top Future Leaders to Watch’ by the inimitable Cheng Li: In anticipation of China’s leadership transition, the China Center’s Cheng Li profiled 25 possible members of … Continue Reading

WSJ Primer On The ‘Chinese Communist Party Congress’

Just in time for China’s Communist Party Congress, where the new leadership will be introduced, the Wall Street Journal has assembled all you need to know to understand the basics of what’s happening. Start with the video. Then, read ‘China Party Meets to Anoint Next Leaders.’ Next the ‘Interactive Graphics.’ First ‘China’s Leadership Change’: Then, … Continue Reading

Debbie ‘Spend It Now’ Wins

It’s election night, and I’m surfing the networks to get updates. Now, I’m from Florida, and, we know how to run an election. Because of how we run elections, I don’t have time to pay much attention to other local state elections. Thus, I don’t follow Michigan politics. Usually. But, during the Senate race between incumbent … Continue Reading

‘Watch: Mrs Xi Jinping, Peng Liyuan, Sings About How The PLA Saved Tibetans From Themselves’: Shanghaiist

I once spent a morning watching musical performances by ‘General’ Peng Liyuan, wife of Xi Jinping, and I found her and the other performers to be great. After decades of watching Chinese variety programs, I’ve come to appreciate these shows. So, today when I saw one of Ms. Peng’s videos on my rss feed that … Continue Reading