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‘Asian Philanthropy: Strategic Social Stewardship’ by Angie Tang and Mercy Kuo

Mercy Kuo, CHINADebate’s Chief Strategy Officer,  and Angie Tang, Senior Advisor of Asia Value Advisors, a leading venture philanthropy advisory firm based in Hong Kong, have published in The Diplomat ‘Asian Philanthropy: Strategic Social Stewardship.’  Portending a trend, Mercy and Angie, assert in the tagline ‘Philanthropy from the region is growing, despite some significant challenges.’ What I found … Continue Reading

Ai Weiwei, Gangnam Style

After some pretty broad attempts to connect China and Gangnam Style, I have an indisputable relationship: Ai Weiwei has come out with his own cover of the hit song and video. Pretty bad, but, hey, its Mr. Ai, and the significance of handcuffs is obvious, if overdone. Fortunately, Mr. Ai is an extraordinary visual artist–and … Continue Reading

‘Guangdong Official Admits To Murdering Billionaire Long Liyuan With Poisoned Cat Soup’: Follow Up

On February 18, I posted ‘Chinese Tycoon Murder By Cat Meat Hotpot.’ Here’s Colbert’s video about the death: An actual news video: And, here’s the follow up from the Shanghaiist: When billionaire forestry mogul Long Liyuan died suddenly in December 2011, many suspected foul play. Long had been sharing a dish of slow-boiled cat meat stew, a … Continue Reading

‘Seas of Sewage’: Caixin

If you find it a little odd, as I did, that Zong Qinghou, head of China’s third- largest beverage maker, Hangzhou Wahaha Group Co., is the richest man in China, consider the Caixin article, ‘Seas of Sewage,’ subtopic ‘The wastewater treatment plants are there but the water isn’t getting any cleaner – how lagging water pipe infrastructure … Continue Reading

Gangnam Style Finally Taking Off In China, Sort Of

Here’s Feng Qiuhong of Yangtze Evening Post on Gangnam Style on October 9 in the People’s Daily Online, ‘Many Chinese netizens find ‘Gangnam Style’vulgar’: Many netizens have labeled the song as “vulgar”. “With more than 300 million views, Iexpected it to be a good song, but it turned out not. I do not know what you guys thinkabout it, but I for one find it vulgar. Such a vulgar song will be popular just for a shorttime. Songs that last forever must be those touching your soul rather than suchostentatious songs,” an Internet user said. “It is a catchy song, but its music video andthe cultural content are vulgar. Its popularity will accelerate the vulgarization of worldcultures,” said another Internet user under the screen name “Passing Phoenix”. Certain people called it “immoral, of low taste, and vulgar”, and some even suggest boycotting such music as it may lead underage boys and girls astray. No question China is far behind in Gangnam Style mania, but it may be catching up, this reported on Beijing Cream Everything You Want To Know About Gangnam Style In China: Still barely a … Continue Reading

‘Bite Little Japan to Death!’: Protesting With Mooncakes

I now have a new example to give to show how clever and enterprising Chinese businesspeople are: Anti-Japanese mooncakes. The Shanghaiist, in ‘Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with these anti-Japan mooncakes, now on sale in Guangxi!’ reports: The recent Diaoyu Islands sovereignty dispute between China and Japan has triggered an unprecedented wave of anti-Japanese protests across China. But as the Mid-Autumn … Continue Reading

‘China’s One Percent’: Foreign Policy

I am coming to more and more appreciate the variety of China coverage in Foreign Policy. FP often goes beyond its many excellent and diverse China written analyses to include visual depictions that give new dimensions to my understanding. The latest is a series of photos titled ‘China’s One Percent: Portraits of the lucky ones, living … Continue Reading

‘Gangnam Style, Dissected: The Subversive Message Within South Korea’s Music Video Sensation’: The Atlantic

A few days ago, I posted about the greatest music video every made, ”Gangnam Style’: PSY–Not Hot In China. Huh?’ (By the way, when I wrote about this on Thursday August 23, the video has more than 50,000,000 views on YouTube; three days later, it has nearly 63,000,000 views.) (Check here for the best English subtitles … Continue Reading

‘Taiwan’s First Same-Sex Buddhist Marriage: How Much Impact?’: WSJ

I wasn’t especially surprised when I read in the Wall Street Journal‘s  ‘Taiwan’s First Same-Sex Buddhist Marriage: How Much Impact?.’  I lived in Taiwan for many years and always had the impression that Taiwanese were generally cooler about same-sex relations, especially between women, than other places I have lived. As the WSJ notes: ‘Taiwan has … Continue Reading

‘China Watches The Olympics’: Evan Osnos

‘The Chinese team came to the Olympics like a professional gambler arriving for a casual weekend of mah-jong, then trying to go home with everyone’s money.’ This, according to Evan Onos in his ‘The Ceremony and the Swimmer: China Watches the Olympics,’ is ‘[O]ne of the most popular Chinese posts circulating online this week.’ This post he … Continue Reading

‘CCTV Censors David’s Penis’: Danwei

Another lighter post while I’m at Buddha Camp. CCTV News Channel broadcasted a show called ‘Beijing Century Celebration: Masterpieces of the Renaissance.’ The network spared viewers from embarrassment by pixilating the penises of Michelangelo’s masterpieces. Posted on the Danwei blog was ‘CCTV censors David’s penis‘ with this Oriental Guardian cover: …and the caption:  ‘You can see it in a museum, but … Continue Reading