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Welcome to Mercy Kuo, CHINADebate’s Chief Strategy Officer

Mercy comes to us from the Committee of 100, where she was successively Director of Research and then Managing Director. The Committee of 100 describes itself in this way… The Committee of 100 is an international, non-profit, non-partisan membership organization that brings a Chinese American perspective to issues concerning Asian Americans and U.S.-China relations. Our organization … Continue Reading

CHINA Debate, Discussion Venues

CHINA Debate brings decision makers and China experts together to discuss issues that inform China and China-related business and investment decisions in three venues: CHINA Roundtable, CHINA Issue Forum, and CHINA In-House Seminars. Here’s a clip, about 30 seconds, that conveys this…… Continue Reading

‘Man in Chongqing Hits Woman on Motorcycle with Car Then Gets Out and Slaps Her Saying “I’m rich!”‘: Haohao

I have been scanning reports here for today’s CHINA Debate post. Plenty of analyses and news, such ‘Jiang Zemin, the old boss, wants to become the new boss,’ and ‘Chinese Scientist Finds No Evidence of Cyanide Poisoning in [Gu Kailai] Trial Testimony.’ Ho hum. But, then I noticed ‘Man in Chongqing Hits Woman on Motorcycle with Car Then … Continue Reading

‘Time Not Ripe For More China Easing’: Jim Rogers

A couple of days ago, I quoted from from CNBC’s ‘Is China Taking Its Eye Off the Ball on the Economy?’: ‘The issue, according to Dariusz Kowalczyk, Senior Economist and Strategist at Credit Agricole, is that the markets’ perceptions of what action China should take on the economy and policymakers’ perception of measures they should take are completely … Continue Reading

‘China’s Power Families’: Great Interactive Graphic From The FT

The Financial Times has expanded its interaction chart, ‘China’s Power Families’–‘This interactive graphic explores the business interests of China’s elite.’ And does it in three layers. Your first choose the leader. Then, click on his photo and summary’s of members of his family appear. Finally, click on that family member, and you get a full … Continue Reading

‘With The Bad News Pouring Out Of China, Fund Managers Rush In’: WSJ

‘With the Bad News Pouring Out Of China, Fund Managers Rush In’ reports: Despite the scary headlines coming out of the world’s second-biggest economy, U.S. fund managers have invested $2.5 billion in Chinese stocks this year, following outflows of $2.6 billion in 2011, reports research firm EPFR Global. Meanwhile, international and global equity funds bumped … Continue Reading

‘Shanghai – Paradise for Adventurers’: Great Documentary!

I just found on The HaoHao Report:  Shanghai – Paradise for Adventurers is a unique documentary produced by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation that profiles the growth, flowering, and decay of Shanghai in the 1920s and 1930s. Here’s the HaoHao describes Shanghai and the documentary: In the period between the first and second world wars, … Continue Reading

Putting China’s Economy In The Asian Context

China has the masses but the wealth goes to the former ‘Little Dragons’: China’s economy is now bigger than Japan’s, but less noticed is the fact that Asia’s so-called newly industrialised economies (NIEs) are, one by one, becoming richer than Japan. According to The Economist in ‘A game of leapfrog South Korea may soon be richer … Continue Reading

‘The Chinese View Of Super Tuesday’

Here’s some China buzz about the U.S. Republican primary process from ‘The Chinese View of Super Tuesday’ by Evan Osnos of The New Yorker. Chinese… ‘find the American love-hate relationship with Romney’s wealth to be confusing. “At least he got his fortune through proper means. Not much to explain. Can we say as much about Chinese … Continue Reading

Roubini And Chovanec On China’s Economic Stress Points

Nouriel Roubini, co-founder and chairman of Roubini Global Economics, sits down with Patrick Chovanec, associate professor at Tsinghua University’s School of Economics and Management in Beijing, China for a discussion on the likelihood of a hard landing in China and consider the short and medium term implications of policy adjustments, leadership transitions, and technology advancements. My comments about where … Continue Reading