TCFA 20th Annual Conference

U.S. and China in a Shifting Global Economic Order:

A Finance Perspective at TCFA’s 20th Anniversary

Main Conference – Sunday, November 9, 2014

Hilton Hotel
1335 Avenues of the Americas, New York, NY 10019

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The Chinese Finance Association (TCFA) is pleased to announce that the 20th TCFA Annual Conference entitled “U.S. and China in a Shifting Global Economic Order: A Finance Perspective at TCFA’s 20th Anniversary” will be held on Sunday, November 9th, 2014 at the New York Hilton Midtown in New York City.

This TCFA signature event provides an outstanding platform for industry leaders, academic experts, government regulators, and TCFA members to share thoughts on the latest developments in the global economy and the financial markets. This year’s conference will highlight the challenges faced by China and other emerging economies for continued growth; the increasing tension in geopolitical environment; and heightened pressure between the U.S. and China to collaborate on major global issues, given the still gradually recovering U.S. economy.

This year our distinguished keynote speakers include Dr. Robert Engle, Nobel Laureate in Economics and Michael Armellino Professor of Finance, Stern School of Business, New York University, and Boming Cheng (程博明), President, CITIC Securities (中信证券).

In addition, we will have many other prominent speakers from major investment banks, hedge funds, regulatory bodies, and other institutions, both from U.S. and China.

Distinguished Speakers from U.S.

Adrian Devenyi, Global head of Emerging Markets, BlueMountain Capital Management

Thomas Lee, Managing Partner/Co-Founder, Fundstrat Global Advisors; and former Chief US Equity Strategist, JP Morgan

Michelle Meyer, Managing Director and Senior Economist, Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

James Sweeney, Chief Economist of the Investment Bank, Credit Suisse

Tim Stewart, CIO, Fortress Investment Group

Dario Villani, Co-Head of Global Rates & Macro, Hutchin Hill Capital LP

Joe Wong, Founder and CEO, Linden Advisors LP

Wei Xiong (熊伟), Professor of Economics, Princeton University. Keynote speaker for best paper symposium

*All lists are in alphabetical order


Distinguished Speakers from China

Seamon Chan, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Palm Drive Ventures

John Li (李仲翔), Head of International Business Development, China Asset Management

Shanquan Li (李山泉), Senior Vice President and PM, Oppenheimer Funds

Ye Li (李叶), General Manager for the Center of Products and Services, GuangFa Securities (广发证券)

Chuanhui Lin (林传辉), CEO, Guang Fa Fund (广发基金)

Borong Liu (刘柏荣), Partner, Zhong Lun Law Firm, Chairman of the Executive Committee of China Securitization Forum (中国资产证券化论坛)

Yi Lu (鲁轶),Deputy CEO, ICBC Financial Services LLC (工商银行工银金融)

Hesong Tang (汤和松),Harvard kennedy School, Former Head of Strategic Investment, (百度)

Dongsheng Yan (阎东升),Chairman,渤海商品交易所

Ming Yu (余明),General Manager of Agricultural Bank of China (ABC) New York Banch (中国农业银行纽约分行)

Lanlan Zhang (张岚岚), CEO, CICC U.S. Securities (中金美国证券公司)

Patrick Zhong (仲雷),Senior Managing Director, Fosun Group (复星集团)

Tao Zhou (周涛),CEO,Wind Info (Wind资讯)

*All lists are in alphabetical order


Gain Insight from the Leading Academic Experts

For the fifth year, our annual conference will include a Best Paper Symposium featuring top academic experts discussing a variety of current topics, to be held on Friday, October 31,at the Graduate School of Business, Fordham University. Confirmed speakers/moderators include:

Dr. Henry Cao (曹辉宁), Professor of Finance at Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (长江商学院)

Dr. Jennifer Carpenter, Associate Professor of Finance, Associate Director, Center for Global Economy and Business, Coordinator, Stern China Initiative, New York University

Dr. Jingzhi Huang (黄京志), Associate Professor of Finance, David H. McKinley Professor of Business, Penn State University

Dr. Yi Tang (汤毅), Associate Professor of Finance, Graduate School of Business, Fordham University

Dr. An Yan (颜安), Professor of Finance and Finance Department Chair, Graduate School of Business, Fordham University

*All lists are in alphabetical order